Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Cure #1 Floors and flowers

When January comes around I have made it a habit to join Apartment Therapy's January Cure for cleaning, organizing and fixing things at home. January is not an otherwise busy month, and therefore a great time to get stuff done that has been postponed for a while.

I am looking forward to the results of this cure, and have decided to really invest in two areas that I never got around to during the last cure: the hallway closet and the loft bedroom/craft/storage area. It's gonna be a big job, so I might not be so thorough with other tasks.

As the new year started I had a bad cold, but luckily I felt well again by Saturday and managed to clean all the floors (except the loft. The loft always gets left out...). For Christmas I received a gift card for my favorite flower store from my husband, and it was spent on some beautiful tulips and a replacing a small zebra house plant that  didn't survive Christmas.

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