Friday, February 27, 2015

Studying the written word

I want to be a librarian. At least I think I do. So now I have taken my first steps towards actually becoming one. I have started studies in Library and Information Technology. It is an online course, and this semester I am taking a class in Perspectives on Literature in History. The next 1-2 years I will be taking classes, and do an internship at a library as well. I am very excited to learn new things, but a little nervous about all the papers I have to write.

People who know me will probably not be surprised hearing these news. Since I was a little girl I have always loved reading, and brought home stacks of books from the library from a very young age. My interest for literature is also evident here on the blog. I have a page for the books I read, and I write about books sometimes. Right now I am trying to focus on my required reading, but get distracted by other books a lot, so I don´t see the harm in asking if anyone has a good read to recommend right now?

In case you are interested in some librarian accessories: Get your own library scarf here. Plus, the magnet version of the book above can be found on etsy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Peruvian entrance

We got a couple of Peruvian gifts when we got married, since we know people who live there or have travelled to visit recently. One is this happy lama-rug below, isn´t it fun? The other is a rug/blanket that was too nice for the floor. I decided to hang it on the wall, and will have a DIY post on how to do that later this week. Both of these South American textiles fit perfectly in our entrance area, and gives it a whole new vibe. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

52 Postcards for 2015

One of my goals for 2015 is to send a letter or postcard every week. Last year I sent lots of mail, most of it wedding related, and I miss putting stamps on envelopes and writing to my friends and family, so this little project will make sure I get it done. 

So far I have sent a few birthday cards, but there doesnt really have to be an occasion to send mail, right? I also hope to practice writing some actual letters. And now that I know how to make an envelope liner, I should do that more often as well. 

Would you like to receive mail from me? Just comment on this post with your address (unless you know I already have it) and you will get something pretty in your mailbox some time this year! Writing back is no requirement, but it would make me happy.

PS. If you prefer vintage letters (in Spanish) you can get yours from Etsy seller Blue Grizzle Paper.

Friday, February 6, 2015

January/February Cure

Apartment Therapy has a yearly tradition of a "Cure" for your home. This event happens in January, and the aim is to help you get a more functional and clean home. I have done it 1,5 times before, and thought it was time to try it again this year. There are two main points to the cure: cleaning and organizing.

There are areas that are easy and quick to clean in a small apartment, and others that are easy to forget, or simply ignore. This cure has helped get to those dreaded areas like inside the bathroom cabinet, the dusty bookshelf, and the top of the greasy ceiling fan. It feels great to know that everything is clean, not just the floor and surfaces.

Now that I am not living alone any longer, there is even less space for what we own. It is crucial to take inventory quite often and get rid of what we don´t need any longer. The best cure is of course to not let much new into the house, but it still happens. Especially with all the wonderful wedding gifts we have received (and love), I try to let them replace something instead of add it to our collections. "One item out for every item in" is a good rule I try to follow.

Cleaning and organizing can prove to be incredible improvement in themselves, but sometimes it takes a little extra for a space to go from blaah to great. I have not taken on projects like that this time around, though I would love to get a new color and handles on our kitchen cabinets. Hanging some new pictures might be the thing instead.

Accomplishments so far: 
- Deep cleaning the kitchen. Including getting new filters for the kitchen fan and installing them.
- Deep cleaning the living room. There was cobweb on the ceiling! With 5 meters from floor to ceiling it is not an easy feat to clean this room. Now I have vacuumed those exposed beams, and the dust on them is no longer exposed. For the first time, I also washed my curtains. Maybe I shouldnt have, because they are now almost 10 cm shorter!
- Deep cleaning the bedroom. Moved a lamp in here as well. We redid our bedroom this fall, so there was not much work that needed to be done. I go through my clothes twice a year when I switch seasonal items, so my closet is under control.
- Got rid of some things we don´t use, including kitchen items, books and more. These were given to friends or a second hand store, unless they were too worn out and thrown away.
- Digital decluttering. I have thousands and thousands of pictures and emails that I have never gone through. I started on this huge job, and have deleted hundreds of blurry and bad pictures already, but there is still a long way to go. Same with my inbox. It needs a serious detox.

I was sick for a few days in January, so I fell behind with some of the tasks, and have decided to spend February finishing up most of what is left.

To do in February: 
- Organize the hallway closet. This is the only real storage space we have, and it houses all our coats and shoes, plus tools, cleaning supplies and all kinds of odds and ends. It needs to be more functional for sure!
- Purge, clean and tidy the loft bedroom/craft space. Craft supplies, need I say more?
- Finish my project of hanging a Peruvian blanket. 
- Deep clean the bathroom. It should have been done a while ago, so no more delays now!
- Get a lamp for the balcony. So we can see the front door on dark winter nights.
- Start on a family picture gallery wall!
- Continue deleting digital files.

Anyone else doing this cure? Or interested in improving their home?
Here is the link to all the posts - it is never too late to start!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

American Wedding Reception

Because Norway and Augusta are very far apart, not many of Mike's relatives and friends could make it to our wedding in Ålesund last summer. So we decided to celebrate when we were in Georgia for Christmas. 65 people came to the party - more than at the actual wedding! We had good food, and a great time chatting with all our guests. We also got a real wedding cake this time. The vintage cake topper was Mike's grandparents!

Pretty decorations with magnolia leaves and holly, and wedding pictures scattered everywhere. With a slightly Christmassy vibe, it was perfect for the season. We also had pictures from the wedding day on a big screen showing throughout the evening, so everyone could get a feeling of what the day was like, and get a glimpse of my pretty country. 

"Help! How do you cut a two-tiered cake?" We look genuinely worried in this picture... Good thing we had a professional wedding planner on board. With her help, we managed to cut the cake well, and it tasted delicious. 

The happy Mr. and Mrs. Beaudreau, thankful for a wonderful celebration.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Visiting Augusta: The Canal and more

2nd & Charles is a large store with mainly used books and other media. You can spend hours in here, looking for treasures. Or pretend you are a chipmunk.

I only made it to Goodwill once, but I got just what I wanted! A small leather purse, and a vintage Nina Ricci at that. My first designer bag has been well loved and worn already, but that's alright with me, and I consider 5$ a very good price.

Here are some more pictures from our holiday in Augusta. On New Years Day we went on a walk by The Savannah River and the Augusta Canal. There is a really long trail between these two waterways, and it seemed like half of the city was out there walking with us. The trail is basically flat, and perfect for biking or walking. 

Swampy waters and tall trees. It was fascinating to see lots of new species, and I really enjoyed a break from the neighborhoods and city streets. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Visiting Augusta: Down Town

I did a little bit of research before going on our Christmas vacation, trying to figure out what to do around Augusta if you're not in to golf. I found a couple of things I wanted to see down town, and convinced the family to join me in seeing the sights and be a tourist in their own home town. 

Sacred Heart was a catholic church for almost a century, but is now a cultural center with art exhibits and events. The artist on show when we were there even had Norwegian "krumkake" art. Perfect for Christmas! 

The building has lots of amazing stained glass windows, and we got to experience it in beautiful winter light.

If you get hungry, get lunch at Nacho Mamas on Broad Street. The food there is great! I don't have a picture to prove it, but for dessert you can get the largest slice of cake I have ever seen at the Boll Weevil. If you are looking for good coffee, I think your best shot (no pun intended) will be Buona Coffee. Located on Central Avenue it is not exactly down town, but with an in house roastery, it is well worth the trip. 

Right next door from Nacho Mamas you can shop for CRAZY hats, if you care for that sort of thing. I never saw people wear anything like it, but if you go to the right kind of church, apparently you will! 

I will also like to mention Book Tavern. We didn't stop by on this trip, but it is well worth a visit if you like to read.  

I like art, so naturally I wanted to visit the Morris Museum of Art. The collection is mainly by Southern artists, or depictions of the south, which gave a very unusual impression. I have never seen that much American art at once before, and it was quite strange to only see Southern landscapes and motives when I am used to mainly European ones. Here are a few of my favorites from our visit. 

These are the highlights from my wanderings down town Augusta. We did experience a few more things in the area, and I will write more about that later. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Meet in the Middle: Newnan

We braved the horrible Atlanta traffic (not pictured here) and drove 176 miles to meet some dear friends in the middle between Augusta, GA and Dothan, AL. 

Fortunately, what we found in the middle was Newnan: The City of homes, with a quaint old down town. Which city doesn't have homes though? I'm a little confused by their slogan.  

To our knowledge, Newnan does not have a decent coffee shop, but we had a great lunch, and spent some time posing in Santa's Sleigh. There are also a lot of antique malls and fairly interesting little boutiques. 

This is what happens when I let my husband take pictures:




This building used to be a civil war hospital, 
like so many other buildings in the south.

I could have bought the original dress from the movie "Big Momma". I didn't.

Silly selfie on the streets of Newnan. 

We enjoyed our stay, but considering the location, I doubt we will ever come again. 


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