Monday, September 27, 2010

My meeting with Loren

I am back from the YWAM 50 celebration in Sweden, where we had the honor of having Loren and Darlene Cunningham in our midst. The founders of our 50 year old mission are on a year long jubilee tour to 42 locations all over the world to celebrate with staff, students and friends.

Loren and Darlene during our family photo shoot
Last week I got an email asking if I would join the stage manager team. I had never heard of anything like it before,  but it sounded like to cool of an offer to turn down. And I thought it might give me the chance to meet Loren face to face, not just look at him from the audience. When we got there we were told not to disturb the Cunninghams to protect them. (Of course, if I was traveling around the globe I wouldnt want tens of thousands come up to me for a picture. Being famous must be hard!)

So, dutiful as I am, I didnt want to intrude, and maintained my distance while running back and forth between the tech team, MC and worship leader, collecting powerpoint presentations, gathering announcements and delivering dinner. But then it came to a point where no one could give me the answer I needed. Not the MC, neither the Cunningham´s host or the technicians, and I was casually told to go over and ask him.

"This is the moment", I thought to myself.
So during the first worship song I went over to the red velvet sofa he was sitting on, and crouching on the floor, I posed my question:
"Will you need that board when you speak?", pointing to the whiteboard he used last night to document the mind blowing 1 090 000 SEK offering as it came in.
"Would it be a problem?"he asked me.
"No, not at all!" I replied, while giving him my best smile.

And that, my ladies and gentlemen, was my profound, life changing, exhilarating meeting with Loren Cunningham.


  1. You probably have the best blogg ever.. :) I really enjoy reading it! You are an excellent writer. :) Linn Irén

  2. hehe... i like it :)

  3. i ran into loren cunningham once. literally, i ran into the man. he was getting ready to speak as i saw someone i hadn't seen in awhile (probably moses) and i bolted toward them, but loren happened to be in my path. whoops.

  4. 1 mill på enn kveld? d hørres sykt ut! Ha ei strålanne helg :)

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