Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The magician's nephew

"I love books, words, paper, the whole idea of writing a story and print it so someone else can read it. I wish i could do that. Maybe someday?"

I wrote this a few years back, and stories still fascinates me, but I can easily be so distracted by other things that I don't prioritize books. When I was little I would go to the library and come home with stacks and stacks of books. I would usually read all of them, and then go back for more. I don't really do that anymore. Luckily, I joined a book club last fall, and it is encouraging me to read books that perhaps I wouldn't choose myself. 

One evening I started on the Chronicles of Narnia. I had never read "The magician's nephew" before, and the story was captivating and beautiful. Since it is a children's book it I easily read it all in one sitting, and it brought me back to the world of not just a magical country, but beautiful stories that can teach me truth in a different and deeper level than text books can. I should remember that for the next day I'm looking for something beautiful. 

Now the book-girls just left my house, and I have several weeks to savor this one:

"Ghost heart" by Cecilia Samartin

And I hope to spend many lazy summer days in a hammock reading many more. Any suggestions?


  1. Bli kjekt å følge me dej her. Håper du he det bra og at ferien nærma sej.

    Merka ej sette alt for lite tid til side t bøke, akkurat no held ej på me The Pickwick Papers.

  2. Visste ikkje at du hadde blogg, men no veit ej det. Kjekt. Strevsomt å lese engelsk, e ikkje so god som du :-)

  3. Vel, ej begynte nettopp... Håpe du klare å komme deg gjennom det allikavel. Kan hende det blir nokre nynorske posta ette kvart. Og ej he plana om at ditte skal gjer mej flinkere til å følge med på andre sine blogga også :)


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