Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer is here.

I am in Bergen, and summer holiday just begun. I hardly made it here though... t seems like I´m a distracted traveler lately, and I totally misread the train schedule before leaving. Luckily I have a good friend that agrees to take me the whole way to the airport, not just the train station. But that was not the end of the problems. It seemed like every force in the universe, especially the construction workers, was against me, and we had to take one major detour after the other. As the GPS gives us an estimated arrival time closer and closer to my flight's departure time, I prepare myself to spend a lot of extra cash to get home in time for my sister's birthday. We finally park outside the airport 10 minutes before departure, and I think all hope is lost as I approach the counter. The place is almost desolate and they are already mopping the floors of the departure terminal, but one guy shouts to me: "Are you going to Bergen? Run over to that guy in the white shirt." 

Without even checking in, I run through security, throw away all containers over 100 ml (a small price to pay in this situation) and proceed to run to my gate with all my luggage. I am so stressed out I can't even look at the departure notices long enough to see where my gate is, and end up running in circles for a few minutes before I stop at gate 24 where they start boarding the minute I arrive. Still panting, I get in line like nothing special happened, hand my credit card to the air steward and get on board. I got home in time and feel like I cheated the system. Love it!

So summer is officially on, and apart from stressful travels I expect some of this the coming weeks:

Hiking and camping with the family.


Coffee in the kitchen, on the deck, in the living room and in the forest.

And most of all: lazy days in lawn chairs and the hammock. 

Here is the view from my "summer house" at 11 PM. Got to love those bright summer nights!


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