Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The vikings are coming, take 5

 This summer, I am going to England for the Olympic outreach with YWAM. In this video, filmed onboard the viking ship Gaia, you will see a real viking that will go as well. 

You might notice that I am making this without a script, but five takes were all I could manage, so bear with me. 

Oh, you want to join me to England? 
Read more here: www.gofest.no


  1. Så, kor mang av deltakeran reise med vikingskipet fra Norge?

    1. Tja... ca 8 Olavs menn og rundt 10 andre frå UIO/MA i tillegg til folk frå båtlaget Gaia. Nok til å fylle båten :)


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