Thursday, March 10, 2016

Screen-free week

The annual screen-free week arranged by Familie & Medier starts tomorrow. I know it's good for me, but also that it will be challenging. Here is how it goes: apart from work and studies there will be no screen time for the next week. I can use my phone to call/text people, but not for all the apps and internet. And no TV either.

The past couple of months I have had an app on my phone that tracks how  much time I spend on it. On average it is about 2 hours a day! Isn't that crazy? I am almost too embarressed to admit it... Since I got a new phone last fall I use it to read news, blogs and articles, plus all the social media, but it still seems like a lot of time.

To prepare for this coming week I  have decided to do the following:
- Write down all upcoming birthdays so I can text, call or send a card instead of a facebook message
- Charge my ipod so I have music to listen to
- Turn off the wifi and 4G on my phone
- Use cookbooks instead of online recipes if I need anything
- Put my phone in a designated spot where it is out of sight, but still within earshot
- Check my email once a day on weekdays, and only read important ones
- Hide all apps from the front page on my phone

That should help me a on the way, dont you think?

I think I will read quite a lot the coming days, but hopefully there will be a few fun adventures as well. Maybe it is time to plant some bulbs for spring? Have a great week, screen-free or not!


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