Thursday, December 31, 2015

A year of mail

My creative goal for 2015 was to write 52 postcards/letters, one for each week. I have learned that there are plenty of occasions just waiting for a card. Birthday cards, Congratulations you are married-cards, You are having a baby!, Your baby is so cute!, Penpal-letters, Summer vacation in Czech Republic-mail, Mothers day-card, How are you friend?, more Birthday cards, Thank you for your hospitality, Thank you for your gift, You moved and now I miss you-letter... and to top it all: The Christmas card. We definitely both sent and received most mail in December, and it was really lovely to see pictures of friends and family who live far away (and some who live quite close as well). But it would be sweet if more mail happened in other months as well.

Some of my favorite mail this year has been a wedding invitation, a Japanese illstrated book, a vintage napkin from an American friend and vintage family Easter cards.

So, I made my goal. At least 52 pieces of mail from me to destinations all over the world were sent in 2015, yay! I did not however make many envelope liners. Neither did I write really long letters. So if anyone is up for the challenge, I got a lot of pretty stationary for Christmas, and I promise to reply to all mail you send!

PS. My Christmas mail goal for 2016 is to feature a real picture of my husband and I. Also, to start a little earlier than December 1st...

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