Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Books I want to read

Inspired by this article about two librarians I made a list of books/authors I want to read. The two of them read very different types of literature, one prefered the classics, the other contemprorary Norwegian authors. They each gave the other 10 recommandations, and so far it seems like they both enjoy it. I have read a lot more new Norwegian literature since I started my internship at the library. All the new books on the shelves just look so tempting!

Here is the book list, I am sure I will add to it!

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia : Hundred years of solitude, 1967

Simonsen, Frøydis Sollid : Hver morgen kryper jeg opp fra havet, 2013

Harstad, Johan : Hässelby, 2007

Lunde, Maja : Bienes historie, 2015

Flatland, Helga : Vingebelastning, 2015

Smith, Betty : A tree grows in Brooklyn, 1944

Adichie, Amamanda Ngozie

Franzen, Jonathan

Eco, Umberto

Du Murier, Daphne : Rebecca, 1938

Skram, Amalie : Professor Hieronimus, 1895

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