Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Restyle: How to make curtains longer

I found this blog post in the archives, never published, but written months ago. Luckily, it was not the kind of post that gets outdated, so here it is.

For our bedroom update we decided on a simple solution for our clothes storage. Instead of buying a new wardrobe, we used dressers and furniture I already had. But the results looked a little messy, so I thought it would be perfect to hang some curtains to hide everything, and maybe keep the dust at bay a little more.

We found some cheap curtains on sale, but forgot to check the length, and they ended up being about 15 cm too short. In addition, they had loop tape on the back, which wouldnt really work with the curtain rods. The solution was to add fabric hoops on the top, and also take the hem down some.

Cut strips of fabric twice the length you want + 6-10 cm for seam allowance. Fold lengthwise, sew down the middle and turn inside out. Press the seams in the middle.

Sew onto the top of the curtains. I placed one loop every 10 cm, using 10 loops for each curtain. Voilá, curtains that reach from the floor to the ceiling!

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