Monday, March 2, 2015

Curing my home: February update

I wrote about the January Cure in February, and here is an update on where I am at. The list is still not completed, but I am working on it. Lately I have tried to focus on my studies as well, which means less time for home projects (and blogging).

What I did in February: 

- Hanging a Peruvian blanket.  
This project has the most visual impact of all this cure. It was quite easy actually, but it took me a while to just get it on the wall.... Here is how to do it, and here are some more pictures of the hallway.

- Deep clean the bathroom. 
This was so nice to get done! I had already cleaned and cleared out of the cabinets earlier in the cure, but it still took me 4-5 hours to clean everything else, including the ceiling and walls, and even under the washer. It was hard work, but so worth it to have a squeaky clean bathroom.

- Get a lamp for the balcony.
We kind of did this. Its a temporary fix, and not a pretty lamp either, but now that the days are getting longer and brighter it might not happen until fall.

Still to be done: 

- Finish deleting digital files.
This is a very large task, but I am happy to have gotten rid of about 60 GB of duplicate pictures, music I don´t really like, unused programs and more. It was a great help to download DiskInventoryX, which showed me what was hiding on my computer. There are still a few thousand pictures to go through, so I am not quite done, but my computer seems a lot happier, and faster! I have also cleaned up a lot of my email folders, and also been better at deleting emails as I go, so that is an improvement.

-  Make a family picture gallery wall!
I have started by framing an old picture of my parents from when they were about 20. I know what I want, but need to choose pictures, get them printed and framed, so it certainly is a work in progress.

- Purge, clean and tidy the loft bedroom/craft space. Mike has done his part, but I have barely started. It sure is a daunting task.

- Organize the hallway closet. Hmmm... I will get to this one day, maybe when I pack away the winter coats and boots?

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