Sunday, March 1, 2015

How to hang a rug on the wall

If you have a rug, blanket, or other textile you would like to hang on a wall, here is one way of making that happen. You should not nail it directly to the wall, as it might rip from the strain, so though it sounds like a simple solution, it will not last. Here is how I hung my Peruvian blanket. 

Your rug/blanket
A piece of wood trip the same width as your textile
Sanding paper
Velcro the same width as your textile
2 eye hooks
Glue/nails and a hammer
Needle and thread
Fishing line or other rope

Step 1: 
If you have good glue, use it to attach the hooked end of the velcro to your trim. You can also use small nails like I did. Remember to sand your wood first! 

Step 2: Attach an eye-hook to each end of the wood trim.

Step 3: Sew the other end of your velcro to the textile. This is the most time consuming task. Just be patient, and use a good, sturdy needle.

Step 4: Attach the two pieces of velcro, and hang your rug on your wall! 

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