Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Cure #21 Goodbye Cure

This is actually the fourth time I join Apartment Therapy's January Cure, and finally it feels succesful! Perhaps because I decided beforehand to be a little more realistic with my time, and not scrub every single inch of the bathroom ceiling and the inside of all the kitchen cabinets. I have done that earlier, and it made me give up halfway through the Cure.

Another thing that has been helpful are the actual asssignments we got. I think the tasks were more managable this year, and time restraints on some of the days were very helpful (Hello, 3-minute surface sweep). Plus, my husband has been involved much more than last year, which has been a great help, especially with the kitchen and hallway closet.

Our main accomplishments this Cure:
- Redecorating the living room
- Cleaning the big hallway closet (at least most of it)
- Getting some work done on the loft
- Being able to lighten up and purge a little bit in every room, especially in the kitchen cabinets that are no longer overflowing
- Weather strips for the door!
- Being reminded of how much cleaning can actually be done in 3 or 30 minutes. Getting started is often the hardest part...

Not everything on our list is done, but the apartment still feels so lovely. This weekend I only had to clean a big mirror, vaccum the floor and change the sheets. And I made cookies to celebrate! I must admit though, I am glad it is over. I really need to focus on my school work again.

PS. If you want to Cure your own home, it's not too late. All the assignments are still available on Apartment Therapy's page. 

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