Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Cure #20 Out with the old

Remember the outbox? And lightening the living room? It is time to revisit both of these ideas and make som decisions. 

I removed quite a few items from the living room to lighten it up, and today we were asked to evaluate and decide if anything should go back. I have to admit, I don't miss any of it, so the candle holders can stay in the cabinet till I actually use them. 

The second task of the day was to empty the outbox. Earlier this week I took all the clothing (2 full bags, in addition to 5 from our closet cleaning) and dropped them off in the Salvation Army delivery box. It is right around the corner, and very handy. For all the other stuff I need to figure out if there is anywhere within walking distance that would want to take it. If not, we need to get help from a friend with a car... Or! Writing that last sentence prompted me to look up a local second hand store, and it turns out that they can pick up donations! I will have to call them next week. Perhaps they will take the mattress and chair we are trying to give away on Finn as well, that would be perfect.

During the Cure I have kept a suitcase for books and a box for things in the living room for things that we don't want to give away, but can be stored for later (when we have more space). So what we actually did today was to put those away in our storage loft. It is only accessible by ladder, so I wanted to make sure I  was done with the purging before moving them. Now, the hallway closet and the loft room are still not finished, but it felt so good to get those messy items out of my sight, so I am happy with today's progress. 

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