Monday, January 4, 2016

January Cure #2 A list of projects

Today's task in the cure was to assess all the rooms in your home and write down the things that needed to be done, whether it is repairing, cleaning, painting or whatever else is needed. Then you highlight 3-5 things per room you want to focus on for this month.

Here is our list:

Living room
- Rearrange and make room for the TV
. Get rid of old bookshelf. (Sold on Finn)
New bookshelf
- New coffee table
- Dark corner. Needs a new lamp?
- Dusty beams
- A box of various chords that need sorting through
- Possibly painting a wall to change the look of the room?
- Wrap some games in neutral paper to make a tidier look  (Put them in white boxes for now)
- New weatherstrips for windows and front door

- Broken lightswitch
- Purge/reorganize drawers in the "closet"
- Rearrange or get new pictures on the wall
- Air bubbles in the wallpaper

- Full cabinets. Get rid of/store some things.
- Tupperware chaos. Get rid of/store some things.
- Picture gallery wall
- New backsplash
- Too much cutlery. Get rid of some.
- Clean the pantry
- Deep clean the fridge, oven and microwave
- Dirty cabinet doors and tops of the cabinets also need cleaning

- The closet. Purge, donate and organize!!
- Need better access to the tools
- New hat/scarf storage after rearranging
- Too many chairs! Get rid of or store at least one of them
- Clean the heater filter
- New doormat
- Take down and store/sell a heater. (Sold on Finn)
- Get a lightswitch?
- Fix the electricity so the fuses don't blow all the time
- Shoe storage
- Iron the heap of tablecloths in the closet

- Not enough storage (Purged a lot, rearranged a little. It is much better now!)
- Hang some pictures
- Make green cleaners
- Change lightbulb

- Purge craft supplies
- Purge suitcases/bags? (Not necessary)
- Extra mattress: give away
- Organize everything better....
- Store some of the things above the bathroom

I will update the list as we cross things off in real life, and add new things as they come up. I love crossing things off lists, don't you?

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