Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January Cure #14 Bathroom cabinets

My plans for tonight were very ambitious, perhaps inspired by the media fast the other day? I wrote down everything I wanted to accomplish, including estimated time for execution, and made a good order. After eating dinner I cleaned the silverware drawer, studied for a while, and it was all good until I started baking crackerbread (knekkebrød). It's been a while since I last did it, and in my memory it takes next to no time, apart from the long cooking time. It messed up my whole schedule... The only thing I had to skip was yoga though, and that was partly because Mike convinced me to watch the latest episode of New Girl - our favorite show!

The Cure challenge was to clear out medicine and bathroom cabinets, getting rid of old or unused items and clean everything to enjoy less cluttered mornings/evenings. You know those lotions that sit in the cabinets for years and never get used? They had to go. Most of them were probably expired too. When it comes to medicine, I actually looked through it a couple of weeks ago, and took the expired stuff to the pharmacy, since it needs to be deposited safely. Mike still has to go through his own stuff, and I have hair products to sort through, but we are definitely getting somewhere.

Because of the Cure I have done this bathroom detox regularly for a couple of years, but there are still a few things that are hard to let go of, especiallly more expensive products like makeup. They make those things in way too large sizes, don't you think? I recently threw away an 8 year old eye-shadow palette, and it wasn't near being empty. Anyone know that feeling? Well, enough about my old toiletries, it is night time.

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