Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Cure #13 Lighten up

I thought today's task would be about lights, but I was wrong about that! Instead, the living room got a little lighter in terms of stuff, and they recommended removing 3-15 items. This room has already gotten attention during the cure because of some rearranging of furniture, but I still decided to give a long and hard look at things that might clutter it up. The following list shows what didn't make the cut:

- 1 pillow (moved to the loft)
- 18 magazines (mostly donated/thrown away, some to be stored out of sight)
- 6 candle holders (donated/put away)
- 2 sets of coasters (probably put away/stored)
- 2 decorative items (stored)
- 2 branches & 4 medium sized pinecones (Christmas/winter decor, stored)
- 1 framed picture (moved to the loft)

That's a total of 34 items! (You can spot a couple of them on the shelf above the couch.) Half of them are definitely going in the outbox. The room does not feel sparse at all, and I doubt I will miss the extras.But this little star-anise wreath got to stay, even though it was made for Christmas. I just like it too much to pack away quite yet. Now you also got a sneak peak at the living room. More pictures will come later this week.

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