Monday, January 19, 2015

Visiting Augusta: Down Town

I did a little bit of research before going on our Christmas vacation, trying to figure out what to do around Augusta if you're not in to golf. I found a couple of things I wanted to see down town, and convinced the family to join me in seeing the sights and be a tourist in their own home town. 

Sacred Heart was a catholic church for almost a century, but is now a cultural center with art exhibits and events. The artist on show when we were there even had Norwegian "krumkake" art. Perfect for Christmas! 

The building has lots of amazing stained glass windows, and we got to experience it in beautiful winter light.

If you get hungry, get lunch at Nacho Mamas on Broad Street. The food there is great! I don't have a picture to prove it, but for dessert you can get the largest slice of cake I have ever seen at the Boll Weevil. If you are looking for good coffee, I think your best shot (no pun intended) will be Buona Coffee. Located on Central Avenue it is not exactly down town, but with an in house roastery, it is well worth the trip. 

Right next door from Nacho Mamas you can shop for CRAZY hats, if you care for that sort of thing. I never saw people wear anything like it, but if you go to the right kind of church, apparently you will! 

I will also like to mention Book Tavern. We didn't stop by on this trip, but it is well worth a visit if you like to read.  

I like art, so naturally I wanted to visit the Morris Museum of Art. The collection is mainly by Southern artists, or depictions of the south, which gave a very unusual impression. I have never seen that much American art at once before, and it was quite strange to only see Southern landscapes and motives when I am used to mainly European ones. Here are a few of my favorites from our visit. 

These are the highlights from my wanderings down town Augusta. We did experience a few more things in the area, and I will write more about that later. 

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