Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Visiting Augusta: The Canal and more

2nd & Charles is a large store with mainly used books and other media. You can spend hours in here, looking for treasures. Or pretend you are a chipmunk.

I only made it to Goodwill once, but I got just what I wanted! A small leather purse, and a vintage Nina Ricci at that. My first designer bag has been well loved and worn already, but that's alright with me, and I consider 5$ a very good price.

Here are some more pictures from our holiday in Augusta. On New Years Day we went on a walk by The Savannah River and the Augusta Canal. There is a really long trail between these two waterways, and it seemed like half of the city was out there walking with us. The trail is basically flat, and perfect for biking or walking. 

Swampy waters and tall trees. It was fascinating to see lots of new species, and I really enjoyed a break from the neighborhoods and city streets. 

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