Thursday, February 5, 2015

American Wedding Reception

Because Norway and Augusta are very far apart, not many of Mike's relatives and friends could make it to our wedding in Ålesund last summer. So we decided to celebrate when we were in Georgia for Christmas. 65 people came to the party - more than at the actual wedding! We had good food, and a great time chatting with all our guests. We also got a real wedding cake this time. The vintage cake topper was Mike's grandparents!

Pretty decorations with magnolia leaves and holly, and wedding pictures scattered everywhere. With a slightly Christmassy vibe, it was perfect for the season. We also had pictures from the wedding day on a big screen showing throughout the evening, so everyone could get a feeling of what the day was like, and get a glimpse of my pretty country. 

"Help! How do you cut a two-tiered cake?" We look genuinely worried in this picture... Good thing we had a professional wedding planner on board. With her help, we managed to cut the cake well, and it tasted delicious. 

The happy Mr. and Mrs. Beaudreau, thankful for a wonderful celebration.

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