Sunday, January 18, 2015

Meet in the Middle: Newnan

We braved the horrible Atlanta traffic (not pictured here) and drove 176 miles to meet some dear friends in the middle between Augusta, GA and Dothan, AL. 

Fortunately, what we found in the middle was Newnan: The City of homes, with a quaint old down town. Which city doesn't have homes though? I'm a little confused by their slogan.  

To our knowledge, Newnan does not have a decent coffee shop, but we had a great lunch, and spent some time posing in Santa's Sleigh. There are also a lot of antique malls and fairly interesting little boutiques. 

This is what happens when I let my husband take pictures:




This building used to be a civil war hospital, 
like so many other buildings in the south.

I could have bought the original dress from the movie "Big Momma". I didn't.

Silly selfie on the streets of Newnan. 

We enjoyed our stay, but considering the location, I doubt we will ever come again. 

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