Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wedding food fit for a farmer

 I always make sure to tell everyone that the wedding menu was not my decision. Not because I didn´t like it, but because everything was so completely Norwegian and traditional. Mike´s goal was that no one would leave hungry, and that goal was surely accomplished. Not only was the food scrumptious, it looked almost too beautiful to eat, and the amount of food was way more than we could consume. Even with a lunch for about 20 people the next day we had to send loads of food with our friends to take home. I am so happy we chose this unconventional wedding menu with foods we both love, and I think it is fun to have used both local recipes and ingredients.


- Potato dumplings (Ball, Potetball, Komle, Kompe)

- Local pork sausage (Svinemør frå Fausa slakteri)

- Mashed rutebege/swede (Kålrabistappe)

- Dried and cured meats (Mør, spekeskinke og anna spekemat)

- Green salads

- Potato salad

- Vegetable soup with meatball (Sodd) For this one we cheated and bought it from the store, so anyone from Trøndelag might not approve.

- Cheese

- Flatbread and rolls, all handmade

- Herb butter with ramsløk from Skodje

Main caterer: Liv Skårbrevik
Additional cooks: My aunt, mom, and friends!

Photos: Michaela Nichole Photography


  1. I just went to a vow renewal at this place. Wow! I didn't even know such a place existed, and now I would highly recommend it! The venue was beautiful & comfortable.

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  3. Hei! Hvilken låve var det dere giftet dere i?


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