Friday, August 22, 2014

Table numbers for book lovers

Our wedding party pictures have arrived! We are still waiting for our official portraits and ceremony photos, but I am excited to share some moments from our wedding reception. First up is some of the decor.

With only six tables it might seem unnecessary to make table numbers, but I still wanted to. It wasn't until a few weeks before the wedding that I stumbled upon a great idea I wanted to incorporate. Instead of simple numbers, we used quotes from some of our favorite authors to name the tables. The quotes were either on love and relationship or books and reading. 

To make the table numbers I printed authors and quotes and kraft paper, as well as corresponding cards with all the guests names in place of escort cards. The name cards were hung by the entrance, and the quotes were simply propped up against other decor on the table.

One of the quotes by C.S. Lewis were a part of our reading in church. I don't think it is common to use anything but scripture for church ceremonies, but I had read the passage "Being in love is a good thing, but it is not the best thing", in Mere Christianity, and we thought it was so fitting for our relationship that we wanted to include it. 

The other authors we chose were Brandon Sanderson, A.C. Doyle, Emily Brontë, Oscar Wilde and Steven Erikson. Some of these are contemporary writers, others have published books considered classic. Coincidentally, this summer we have read books by two of the authors above.

We didn't plan on a theme for our wedding. However, with our invitations, these table numbers, and the books we used as centerpieces, a book theme slowly emerged, and we didn't mind at all. 

Photography: The amazing Michaela Nichole Photography


  1. Vi sitter og koser oss og gjenopplever den flotte bryllupsveka..
    Veldig bilder

    1. Så kjekt :) Er utruleg glad for gode fotografar som fanga stemninga og alle dei gode smila!


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