Thursday, July 17, 2014

A cabinet of treasures

We are home from our honeymoon and it is wonderful to be back. (I will post some pictures from our trip to Greece soon.) Here in Skien parts of the apartment are still a little chaotic, with Mike moving in, extra furniture everywhere and lots of new things, but things are starting to shape up.

The past days we have unpacked so many beautiful gifts! My parents stopped by with many of our wedding gifts last week, and they also brought a corner cabinet I inherited after my grandma. It was handmade by her second husband, and is now the perfect home for our fancy china and pretty stemware.

The light inside gives it such a warm and lovely glow that Mike wants to keep it on all the time. The rest of our kitchen supplies is also getting a sweet upgrade, so I will be getting rid of quite a few flea market and IKEA finds to make room for our gifts. Married life is very good so far! 


  1. Så fint skapet ble! Jeg viste ikke at det var Otto som hadde laget det.. Gleder meg til å komme å hilse på dere begge to :)

    1. Takk :) Det va han pappa som fortalte for ikkje så lenge sia at han Otto snekra det. Og dokke e veldig velkommen til Skien!


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