Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our wedding website

We have a wedding website! Visit it here: The page has a simple layout, and will have information about culture, the party and more. The page will be updated, but is more like a website than a blog. I will continue writing about the wedding here.

There are a ton of options for wedding websites, many through wedding pages, with features like RSVP, direct connections to registries etc. We chose blogger to keep costs down, and managed to not go over the budget of 0 kr for this post! Since I have had blogger for several years, I knew how to manage it well, and it helps to not have yet another account to manage. You can chose to pay a fee to get your very own domain, but we decided to spend that money on something else.

PS. I used this blog post with tips on how to make it look less like a blog.

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