Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pins and needles

When I posted about wedding dresses earlier, I got a lot of responses from people who thought I was making my dress from scratch. Lets clear up this misunderstanding: I am merely fixing a dress I bought. Taking it in to fit, hemming it to the right length and perhaps a tweak here and there for a more interesting style. Sounds easy enough, but since it is a WEDDING DRESS, it is also very scary. I have never been so nervous to start a sewing project, in fear of making a total mess of it.

Well, now there are pins in it. I haven't let the scissors touch it yet, and I need a new needle for my sewing machine (a 60/8 to be exact), but I think I am more mentally prepared for the project. I have also miraculously found a slip that fits perfectly under my dress: it is long, simple, has no frills or lace and just the perfect silhouette. It was also half price, which matters a lot when you buy silk! Now I don't have to worry about sewing a new lining, and can go with Plan A.

PS. Sewing art by Ello Lovey

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