Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stop shop: What about Christmas gifts?

Reading Irina Lee´s book "Shoppingfri" got me thinking about my plans for Christmas presents this year. Irina and four of her friends had a year of complete stop shop, which gave them very clear boundaries for gift shopping as well. My project is slightly different from theirs (read my rules here), and so far this year, I have given clothes and things to several people for birthdays and other occasions. But to stay true to the spirit of my project, perhaps I should consider other gifts for the upcoming season.

I am not a stranger to making gifts, this includes sewing, knitting, baking and more. I also prefer to give people something they would enjoy and like and are useful as well, and those things can't always be made, at least not by me. 

Do you have any good ideas? Or do you have any gift wishes that could serve as inspiration? At the moment I have no clue ...

PS. Gift wrap idea by Jeanne and the Moon.


  1. Of course it depends on how the receiver likes to be appreciated. But, on a "shop-free"-budget, you can still write christmas-cards, and take your time to write everyone how much you appreciate them, specifically, personally. Rather than a quick general greeting of two sentences.

  2. What about buying used for people? A used item that you can fix/re-do/ or improvise with which could prove useful? It then becomes personal, well thought through, (hopefully) cheaper, and perhaps something that has character.
    Or what about giving a gift to an organisation in someone's name... for example giving money to red cross, doctors without borders, cancer foundation, etc. I know that in norway you can buy gift cards at least to lege uten grenser which you give to the person, but the money goes to the organisation. - This is something i put on my wish list. I feel wishing for things when i have most necessities seems futile when the money could go to f.ex helping people in the Philipines after the typhoon. (not to bash giving gifts! I love both giving and receiving- just thought it's a nice idea to give to those who are really in need).
    What do you think?

    1. Both are good suggestions. It takes a lot of searching to find a good used gift though, but for some people it can work perfectly. I have thought about donations too. It is true, when we have everything we need, it seems so unnecessary to spend all that time and money getting stuff that will end up as clutter. I do love to give someone something they need though :)


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