Monday, October 14, 2013

The wedding planner

Yes, I think I can officially call myself a wedding planner by now. I am not sure how much I will share on the blog, but there might be some ideas here and there.

Our wedding will be in my home area Sunnmøre, which makes planning it a little more challenging than had it been here in Skien. But the church and reception venue has been booked, and my wonderfully talented friend Irene Lovund will take our pictures. (The one above is from a photo shoot we did a couple of years ago.) The rest of the planning should be a breeze now, or...?

For those who are curious, or perhaps planning your own wedding, some of my main inspiration sources so far have been:
Pinterest (of course)
Intimate weddings
- The Norwegian Wedding Blog
- Once Wed


  1. Pay attention to the venue as a whole: Check out everything, including the restrooms, the foyer, the dressing rooms, the outdoor lighting and even the kitchen. You want to be sure your vision can be realized at this location. If possible, make arrangements with the site representative to visit the venue when it’s set up for a wedding.

  2. Ragnhild would you mind checking out It is software created for the wedding planner. Let me know if it can help you out with your weddings that you are planning.


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