Monday, July 12, 2010

The coziest garage sale in the neighbourhood

So, how did it go?

These were our goals:
- 7 visitors
- that someone we knew would come
- cover our expenses for the bow accessories we made

So we cleaned, sowed, put up posters everywhere, advertised on facebook, cleaned some more and organized the garage.

Then the day was here....

- over 20 visitors
- very popular "svele" (norwegian dessert pancake)
- covered our expenses, and more than that, but not by selling bows
- a family of four that we know came for svele, 
but brought a lot more home than they came with
- dress up with some items we didn´t sell
- all in all a very cozy garage sale,
the sisters are all well pleased with their accomplishment

 So I´ve been reading tons of inspirational and beautiful blogs lately. Many of them have great giveaways and I thought it would fun to try it. It´s better to give than to receive, right?

We didn´t sell as many of the bows as I had hoped for, but I can understand that they are not so appealing to 10 year old boys. But now YOU can have one for yourself or a girl you know. You can choose between a necklace, hair tie, hair pin, pin or large barrette in several different colors. Each one is handmade by vintage or newer scrap fabric. To win, enter a comment about your favorite thrift find, and by the end of the week I will choose two winners randomly. 

Good luck, and good night!


  1. cute blog! and inspirational!
    my favorite thrift store find is my brown leather purse that i use all year but should probably limit to fall/winter.
    those bows are neato! hope i win. :)))))

  2. i don't know what my favorite thrift store find is. i couldn't narrow it down because i've gotten so many things from thrift stores, and almost all of my very favorite things have been lost or stolen. however, i still have a shirt i found in high school at goodwill in lemars that says "i got this shirt when i turned 40. i hate this shirt." i bought it, and then a year or so later i found the same shirt at a thrift store in chicago, and i bought it. and i still wear one of them...

  3. my favorite thrift find is ALSO my brown leather purse! what a coincidence that someone already said that.... then my 2nd most favorite one would be some white earrings i got at a garage sale in redding this fall. white flowery metal ones. so cool, and pretty much free.
    i REALLLLLLLY hope i win, because i love your necklace ones, AND your hair ones.. you're so talented. dang girl, you should make them and sell them!!
    lov u.

  4. Wow, fun finds! It seems like you enter your comment a little too late Irene, but perhaps we can arrange something. I was trying to think of what my favorite find was, but thats really hard. I often like the bags i find, but another good one is a vintage, perhaps from the 50s, royal blue formal dress that fit me perfectly.


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