Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Denver coffee tourist

Cortado at Two Rivers

Denver is a really fun city, and I can highly recommend it as a travel destination. My wonderful host, Lyndee, planned for us to try a new coffee place every day, and I did not mind sticking to that plan. There are several small roasting companies in the area, and the coffee shops/bars also experiment with new brewing techniques. Since Lyndee knows the owner of one coffee shop, she also gets some inside information on the newest and latest in the rest of the Denver coffee world.

It has been a joy both to experience the work, presentation, and craftmanship that goes into making the coffee, and of course, enjoy the variety of flavors. I can´t say I am an expert in coffee tasting, but I really enjoyed all these places, and would recommend them if you are a coffee lover too.

Places we went to (in chronological order):
Happy Coffee. Great place in the coolest neigborhood. The Mayan theater is great, and there are lots of fun little shops and Sweet Action, an awesome ice cream place.
Black Eye coffee shop. In addition to good coffee, they have a cool interior, and they even sell fresh produce in the summer!
Boxcar Coffee. This place has developed its own brewing method especially for the high altitude in the Denver area, and they did it well. For some reason, they even gave us free coffee, perhaps because not many travel out of their way to get there on Saturdays. If you dont know where it is, I guarantee you won´t find it!
Corvus Coffee Roasters. As the name tells, these guys roast their own coffee, and the caramels on the counter were divine.
Purple Door Coffee. The only place I didnt have coffee, but their chai is good. Also, this place is so much more than your normal coffee shop. They employ homeless youth, which is a good enough reason to go there, dont you think?
Two Rivers Craft Coffee Company. Amazing coffee, the best people! Lyndee knows a lot of the baristas there, and consequently, so do I as well. A wonderful place to end our coffee adventures.

The ones we didn't make it too, but wanted to:
Novo Coffee
Crema Coffee House

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