Friday, May 10, 2013

Learning generosity

In March I had a screen free week, arranged by Familie og Medier. It was a week of of cooking, parties for good friends and a lot of reading. As one of the participants of the project, I was drawn to be the lucky winner of a gift card to the online store There was only one issue, and if you have read my blog this year, you know I am not shopping new clothes this year. If I was though, this would be a good company, since they have high ethical standards for their production and are also a climate neutral company.

I could have saved the gift card for 2013 and used it then, but decided it would be even better to give it someone that needed it more. This could technically pass in the "gifts" section, and I could have spent it on myself, but I looked through what they had and compared with what I already own, and decided I don´t need anything right now.

I think my "live simply" goal is helping me to be more generous. It has been easier to give things away, because I think stuff matters a little less to me. If that is a lasting effect, I will be very happy!

PS. Here is an article written by a man who left the internet for a year, and what he learned about himself and the internet from that. Pretty interesting.

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