Friday, November 9, 2012


A beautiful summer day in England. 

Yesterday I sent out my newsletter, and here is an excerpt:

November is a month where I usually get reminded of thankfulness. Now, I´ve actually been thinking a lot about thankfulness for a couple of months. As Christians we are called to "give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God´s will for us in Christ Jesus." 1.Thess. 5:18. This is certainly not easy, but there is a real challenge to see our lives as gifts from God, and give him the proper thanks, not just for the obviously good things, but in ALL circumstances.

Some things I am thankful for:

- Translating Bible teaching for the DTS.
- 35 great students this fall.
- The Bible - God´s true word to you and me!

- A new roof on my building.
- Parents who help me build things.
- Thinking about becoming an aunt soon!

What are three things you are thankful for today?

Read the rest of the newsletter here.

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