Thursday, November 8, 2012

ReStyle: Home Edition no.4 - Corky

In September, my parents came to help me with some projects in the house. Mainly the balcony makeover, but other projects were added to the list. I had thought about the idea of doing something to the kitchen floor, but wasn´t sure I had money for it, or if we would have time. 

This is what the kitchen looked like before:
(Well, a little into the process anyways...)

Cold, dark, hard (and did I mention cold?) tiles. I never liked them, and my feet were always cold. That is not good for a girl who likes to cook! 

When I mentioned this for my dad, his first suggestion was a cork floor. I was intrigued, but when I realized he was thinking of floors from the 70s, I wasn´t quite convinced. Looking online, it didnt seem like the most normal thing to have in stock, and the price was a little too steep for my liking. Then my mom came, and her idea was also cork! By then I was sure we would have to wait, since we were running out of time, but Friday afternoon we passed by a store that sells flooring. 

"Lets have a look, since we are here anyways," I said. We stopped by, and the first thing I saw when I entered, was cork flooring on sale. It didn´t take long for the sales guy and my mom to convince me. Thus, Friday night was spent tearing up the old floor, and Saturday morning the new floor was on. 

Now I have a soft, warm and pretty floor that I highly recommend.
What do you think?

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