Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Sister Swiss Roll Party

Swiss roll reminds me of my grandma and afternoon coffee parties. I had never tried making this cake myself, cause honestly, it seemed quite intimidating.

A new twist to the filling was an idea from my sister Andrea. I had cream cheese and blueberry jam in the fridge, so we combined the two for a fresh, yogurt like cream. And with her help and advice, it was just a piece of cake (pun intended).

The recipe:
3 eggs
1,5 dl sugar
1,5 dl white flour
1/2 tsp baking powder

100 g cream cheese
a few spoonfuls blueberry jam

How to:
- Prepare a baking sheet with baking paper and butter it. Preheat the oven to 275 C.
- Whisk eggs and sugar white. This takes much longer than you think, and I am thankful for my patient little sister who knows how to do those things, and for my new kitchen machine (even though it looks a little like a spaceship)
- Sift in the flour/baking powder and mix carefully with a spoon/spatula
- Spread batter evenly and as smooth as you can on baking sheet and cook for 6-8 minutes. Keep an eye on the oven to make sure it wont burn.
- Put a new sheet of baking paper on the counter and sprinkle it with sugar.

When the cake is cooked you have to work quickly, and an assistant is really helpful
- Flip the cake onto the sugar coated paper and pull of the top paper
- Spread the filling/jam on the cake
- Start rolling, leave it resting for a few minutes, still wrapped in paper, till it has cooled down.

Eat and enjoy!

On another note:
I have been thinking of starting a new weekly feature. Last year I had the restyle project, and for a few months I also cooked/baked/tried a new ingredient every week. It is nice to have a goal to stretch towards, I am just not sure what I want to do now. Any suggestions??


  1. Såg veldig godt ut :-) Kan anbefale reven appelsinskal i sukkerbrødet neste gong. Saftig og godt.

  2. I might try this sometime this week.

  3. Adrenaline Tuesdays: Week 1 - stand on the railing at the prison. Week 2 - bungee jumping. Week 3 - proximity cliff diving


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