Monday, March 5, 2012

A Movie Monday: The artist

I expressed my concerns that "The Artist" wouldn't come to my little town. A couple of lessons can be learned: fear not, and don't trust the theatre home page. Tonight I went to see this award winning film with some friends, and we had a jolly good time. 

I have only seen one or two silent movies prior to this one, and I was surprised of how well it worked and how much we laughed. A few lines here and there was all that was needed to understand the plot - words are overrated I guess. The music was great, the costumes enviable and I would never have guessed this film was made last year! We agreed that little miss Peppy Miller was a little on the obsessive/scary side in her affection to the (lonely) star George Valentin, but that did create half the fun after all. Now, if I only could see some of the movies Peppy starred... 


  1. I want to see this as well. (And the movies in Skien does show some strange and "narrow" films sometimes. I remember going to a Czech movie once and that was some weird experience) The artist sounds wonderful though:)

    1. Eg får vel følge med enda meir nøye... Absolutt verdt å sjå altså. PS. Får du beskjed når ej skrive kommentar på kommentaren din??


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