Saturday, March 3, 2012

An analogue week

Rummy was a hit when my sisters came to town last weekend.

I have decided to join a project called Skjermfri (Screen Free), arranged by Familie og Medier, a Norwegian organization working to promote healthy use of media. For a week they challenge us to be offline and off every screen (apart from at work/school if you need it there).

The reason?
Be more conscious of how we use the media,
Promote creativity and fellowship and do things we normally just think about.
Some space to be quiet and reflect, perfect for lent.

Do you, like me, feel a little anxious just by the thought of no tv, facebook, blogs, wordfeud, twitter, and looking up anything the instant you feel like it, for a whole week? Maybe you can try as well?

Read more and sign up here: Skjermfri

So, starting next Friday, I will be offline for a week. Do you have any ideas of what I can fill my time with? Suggestions are very welcome!

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  1. write a summary, then synopsis, then an outline, then the first chapter of your own book. in one week.


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