Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh, city life

YWAM life teaches you a lot about friendships, and a little too much about goodbyes. The good side is all the wonderful reunions. Even if people live far away, there is a chance you will see them again, and this trip provided several of these meetings. After years of talking of a vacation together, Lyndee and I finally found the time, money and destination and got on that airplane!

We walked, and walked, and walked the streets of Copenhagen. The first day we more or less stumbled upon the sights, and we all agreed that the little mermaid was indeed little, and a lot less impressive than we would have liked her to be. Good thing there are coffee shops on every corner to give you some relief from the shopping and the cold February air. We had a very rainy visit to Malmö, Sweden as well, but I have no good pictures to prove it... 

In the jungle!

I loved the Botanical Garden, at least the parts confined by glass. February isn´t usually the best month for botanical discoveries this far north, so I am not the one to turn down a walk in the rain forest. 

So excited!!

We learned our lesson and had a more structured plan one of the last days, seeing the city from above Rundetaarn (they have an Observatory open during winter, if you hurry, you can still make it!) , hanging out at The Living Room cafe and watching My Week With Marilyn at the old school Grand Teatret.  

Five days were not nearly enough, so I am certain I will go again soon!

Det er dejlig at være norsk i Danmark!


  1. Trur nok dokke kunne hatt det kjekt uansett kor dokke hadde vore :-)

    Ej ekje so begeistra for Kjøpenhavn, he tilgode og finne essensen av ka det e so bra med det. Skulle gjerne visst ka du likte best.

    1. Godt selskap hjelpe vel alltid... Følte egentlig ikkje at vi fikk sett så mykje originalt. Hadde lyst å gå i bruktbutikka og sjå Christiania, men så langt kom vi ikkje. Den botaniske hagen var vel en av favorittane, og finever va deilig!


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