Thursday, March 8, 2012

Counting down

It is time to take a deep breath. Or several... 
I am getting ready for my analogue week, planning crafts, cooking and other blog worthy activities that I probably won´t write about later because there simple isn´t enough time. Some of the things on my list include decorating the spare room, hanging a new lamp, baking, spray paint and listening to the radio. Last night I dusted off my CDs. I guess I will have to listen to music I have, as opposed to all the music I dont have. 

I have new glasses! These are from Lensway and came in the mail the other day. It had been six years since I got my previous pair, and even though I wear contacts a lot, I was ready for a new pair. 
I like this retro look, do you? 

If anything exciting happens in the virtual world while I am away, leave me a link, okay? Until then you can reach me on the phone or with an old fashioned letter. 
Have a great week! 

PPS. The tablecloth in the first picture is actually a curtain. Im not sure it can be called restyling, but it certainly qualifies for repurposing in my book. 

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  1. kule bilder! Gardin kan være ett godt alternativ til duk ja ;-) Svigers brukte de hvite gardinene som duker på julaften, kanskje litt sært, men det funket som bare den! ;)


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