Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Art of Deduction

Print by the Owl´s Love Nest

I think I am crushing on a detective. Today I brought the complete adventures of Sherlock Holmes back from the library (and mentally adding it to my wish list, but in the original language) and convinced some friends to watch an episode of the BBC series with a modern day Holmes and Watson. This consulting detective is highly fascinating, my first encounter with him can be read here, and my interest seems to grow, rather than diminish. And I am so glad NRK  has the show available online and for free, I am liking the state channel more and more these days. And if you like books in general, you can check out my friend Mike´s blog, for posts on novels, book covers, poetry and the like. 

The Sherlock print can be bought here on etsy. Speaking of prints, I have a stack of them ready to be framed, and can´t wait to hang them around the house! I promise to share the result when I am done.

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  1. you're pretty stinkin' awesome, April! Expect one back soon!


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