Thursday, December 1, 2011

ReStyle: A plaid shirt

This shirt has lovely fabric, but was not quite my size...

Before: What?? No, Im never awkward, especially in oversized mens shirts!

After a lot of tweaking, taking the arms off, recutting them and putting them back (on the wrong side, but I discovered that too late, and no one will ever notice. I think...), taking in the sides and shortening it, its all good. I did iron it, but wearing it for a whole day put new wrinkles in - sorry about that.

PS. I have had some feedback from people struggling to read my blog and to comment. I had a friend test it, so it should all work, but Im wondering if this dynamic view doesnt work well in all browser. Anyone else have these problems/solutions?? Im thankful for all feedback, and not sure if I will continue with this layout or not, especially if it makes my blog hard to access.


  1. eg har hatt litt problemer med kommentarane, men ikkje meir enn eit refresh-trykk kan fiksa. Du er så flink til å sy Ragnhild, inspirerande!

  2. Hei!

    Skal si du er en racer med symaskinen!
    Du vant sinkhuset på trekningen på siden min! Gratulerer! :)

    Send meg en mail med fullt navn og adresse. Dersom du bor i Skiensområdet kan jeg sikkert levere den til deg også, så slipper jeg å betale i dyre dommer for porto, for det veier jo litt!

    Hilsen Silje


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