Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ReStyle: Plaid woolen delight

Ingredients: A vintage stool and fabric thrifted last week plus a staple gun

The before: A velvety rust colored fabric. 
I kinda liked it, but at the same time not, and I felt the need to change things up a little.

Taking of the first layer, I unveiled this plaid orange beauty. 
Cool? Maybe, but a little too much for this gal.

A whiter shade of pale fits the mood and the season much better.
This probably took me half an hour from start to finish - definitely worth the time.

And this is just part one of a much bigger restyle project, so check in later this week for an update.


  1. I got more pictures..

  2. Høres litt creepy ut det der, men takk skal du ha Kristin :)

  3. syns du har gjort stua mange ganger lysere ved det prosjektet der! takk skal du ha!!


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