Sunday, November 6, 2011

ReStyle Sunday: A grey dress on a sunny day

Before: A rather large dress

After: a few adjustments and alterations later and it actually fits me

I love it! 

Hemming a dress/skirt like this is not done in a second. I will think twice before I do that again... There was a lot of ironing and folding involved, but I am happy with the result.

Lucy and I on a very pretty Sunday stroll.
Thanks for being my photographer!

What I wore:
Dress, thrifted and restyled
Scarf, from my great-grandmother
Tights, who knows?
Shoes, Converse


  1. Wow, det var en utrolig fin kjole! Sjeldent jeg pleier kommentere blogger, men ble så imponert over resultatet at jeg bare måtte si det!!

  2. Tusen takk Janne!! SÅ kosli å høre :)

  3. Den kjolen likte jeg. Du er kreativ og flink Ragnhild! Gratulerer med blogglotteriseieren:)


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