Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So grateful

The past week seems a little like a dream: 
I have been a part of sending a team to every single nation in Europe, and all in one weekend!!


The whole thing started of with a kick off meeting in Skien. with the teams in Tromsø on skype in the back. As I  called out the nations and had teams stand up and cheer I must admit I felt Eurovision vibes. Though we had no points to hand out, these are the numbers: 
240 people on 51 teams to 46 nations plus 3 territories

We even got a team to Montenegro the day before we started! This adventurous group of YWAMers spent a lot of time in a car to get to their destination, and made it safely there and back again after long travels. I guess I will give them a pretty high score for their willingness to take on this challenge and for good spirits!


Yesterday most of the teams came back to Skien, here I am translating a girl from my home town Langevåg! She is 15 years old and joined my roommate on her team to Bratislava, Slovakia. It was so cool to hear her share about how God had used her. She was not the only one sharing, there were so many stories of healing, salvation and God speaking through very ordinary people to give hope and encouragement. 

This project can look like a stunt from the outside, but my prayer is that our efforts will have lasting effect: both for the people we met all over Europe, and in our own lives. I know God spoke to me about Macedonia, the Balkans and our continent, and I am sure he touched other peoples hearts as well. I hope there will be long term missionaries after RISK, and that this short week has mobilized some for missions in Europe.

A big thank you to Kristin for her pictures. You can read about her trip to Slovakia on her blog, and while you wait for my Macedonia stories you can also check out our facebook page, where all the teams posted updates during the outreach.

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