Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moroccan meatballs: a food post

One of the dishes I return to again and again is Moroccan Meatballs. They are simple to make, super tasty, and you can serve them with what your taste buds desire (or whatever your fridge contains)

1 pound meat
1/4 finely chopped onion
1/2 ts cinnamon
1 ts cumin
1 ts allspice
1 ts salt
3 ts semolina (I use potemjøl)
1 egg

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, and dont be afraid to use your hands, just wash them well afterwards, its a part of the experience! If you have time, let it sit in the fridge for an hour or two or three, or just go ahead and shape them into small meatballs. I use a tablespoon to help me out here. Fry them in butter on medium heat till they are done. 
Dont you love my very specific instructions here? 

On the picture: served on spinach, tomatoes, yellow peppers with a hint of lime, fresh basil and salt and pepper. They are also great with couscous, perhaps a tomato sauce or in a soup (hm... I havent tried that last one, but I certainly might.) Do you have any other suggestions? 

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