Friday, September 30, 2011

ALL of Europe

I have never been backpacking in Europe, but is sounds like a great adventure. Being in YWAM has the potenitial of bringing you into situations you never really thought you would be in, like this one:

Yesterday I went over to the Methodist church next door to pick up a key, since we are using their facilities for an event next week. After giving me the extended tour of the building, one of the older gentlemen asked me:
"So, what are you doing next week? Teaching?"
"Well, yes", I replied, " we will have teaching Monday through Wednesday, and then we go on teams to all of Europe."
"Really? Where in Europe are you going?" he said.

I am thinking to myself that this must sound a little crazy, but it is true, so I reply:

"We are going to every nation in Europe."

I am sure he was a little taken aback from my answer, but we proceeded to talk about his missions trips to Eastern Europe, and Moldova in particular, which is the poorest country on our continent. And when I told him we would end it all with a big celebration to share what God had done, he was really eager to join, and I gladly welcomed him to our party.

ALL of Europe.
I can hardly believe it...

Picture source: via Rachel on Pinterest

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