Monday, September 5, 2011

Faith, fun and fellowship

The mantra for this year....

Well, today we tackled a couple of minor challenges in our little household, like this one:

This, my dear friends, is not a challenge, this is a problem! 

We had already discussed it and had a master plan that included at least one tall man. 
But then something came over us, the tools came out of various drawers and shelves and for a little while there was a lot of activity going on. 

Kristin rocked the ladder and ladle, braver than most people I know! 

I had the ungrateful task of catching the mess she made before it dropped onto the courtyard a couple of floors down. A little skeptical at first...

But oh, so happy to get this job done!!

And that was not the end of it. After hosing down the courtyard (my job wasnt as easy as it looks...) we finally hung curtains and even a lamp found its right place in the kitchen. 
What a wonderful day of practical work in Prinsessegata!

What I wore: 
Jeans, Bik Bok
(I came right from the kitchen, and an apron seemed like the right thing to wear at the time. 
It will go straight in the wash, I promise)

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  1. To kliiiin gærrrne jenter,er dere hvertfall. Min søster har fått streng beskjed om bedre HMS-tiltak ved senere gjøremål ;) lykke til videre med alle praktiske oppgaver det følger å ha sitt eget flotte sted ;)


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