Thursday, July 28, 2011

ReStyle: House edition no. 2 - The Loft

The loft before: Beware or you will fall into the closet downstairs! 
There was certainly room for improvement in the attic room when I moved in.

After: Well, you dont really see all the work thats been done by my wonderful dad, 
but I assure you, there are no more holes, no loose wires and... 

 ...lots of new storage behind vintage curtains. 
And it is messy back there, so I wont let you see it either.
I found some old curtains that I hemmed 
(my little part in this restyle project) 
and hung with curtain wire. 
This is a very easy solution for some extra closet space if you have a free corner in your home. 

The only thing this my bedroom is missing is light, 
so the picture quality isn´t the best, 
but I hope you will bear with me. 
The lovely lamp was found at a flea market here in Skien, 
and though it isn´t connected to any power source quite yet, 
I think it deserves to be hung for its decorative value. 
The blanket is also from a flea market, 
and the dress from a vintage store in Oklahoma.

Vintage angel picture and pretty wooden structures. 

This dresser came with me from a previous apartment, a hand me down from a friend.

Pillows from Kremmerhuset and Ane Havnegjerde Design.

The entrance has proved to be a little scary for some visitors, 
but I like it, and the bird perspective on the apartment.

I also have a new roommate! Welcome Kristin!! 
On her blog you can see pictures from our trip to Ål a couple of weeks ago :)


  1. So koselig Ragnhild! Onkel er god å ha ;-)

  2. Love your little've made it very cute and homey!! I looked at your pictures of Aal, remember that is where my cousin Pat used to live. We stopped there before coming to Bergen.

  3. Alright! This post is just full of good news :) Your apartment looks just wonderful and I like your new roommate too :)

    Can't wait to come for a visit!

  4. Hei, vi kom ikkje forbi Skien, litt omvei. Hadde omgangssjuke so det var vel likegreit. Får sjå om det ikkje vert en gong :-)

  5. I love your bedroom, it's so cozy and decorated with taste, congrats !
    Greetings from France, xo Brit


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