Monday, November 29, 2010

Want my news?

I have been trying so hard to make a feedback form where you could type in your name and email if you want to receive my electronic newsletters. But I have failed. And now I give up.

I managed to set up a form on our YWAM website, but I dont really KNOW anything about html, Im just great at copy and paste... So if you want my latest news there is a a cute little form below that could have been working, but it wouldnt. So please just leave a comment if you are interested.



Looks can be deceiving...

Now Im off to the first Christmas concert of the season. Hooraaay!! for being blessed with tickets for Carolas Jul. 


  1. Hallo igjen. Vi skal ikkje nåken plass i jula, berre vere heime i jula og kose oss. Hadde vore kjekt å sett dej. Ej e aldri ut i Loddefjord, men det e vanskelig å få til mellom jobb og leggetid for ungane. Helgane renne vekk til alt mulig, ja du veit.

    Kom gjerne på besøk til oss, alle sammen!

  2. Du kan jo bruka noko så enkelt som ein google-gadget.

    td denne:


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