Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quiet is the new loud

I have been decorating for advent and it involves loads of pinecones, tin, a star from the second hand store and yellow accents. Oh, and I didnt just hang the star. I hung the curtains and the curtain rod as well. It was certainly about time, and I am pretty stoked I finally managed to dig out that drill and do the job. 

Advent is here, which means Christmas is right around the corner. It is time to seriously work on gifts and surprises. I have some ideas, and to get it all done I have planned a project named "While we´re waiting" (Medan vi ventar). From now on till Christmas I will try to write a card/make a present every day. That way I will not have to do it all last minute, and I can remind myself of what we are waiting for: The ultimate gift from the One who gave His only Son to us.

"Vi venter på det vesle barn, 
i krybba lagt på strå."

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  1. Advent e ei herlig tid!

    Kos dej i førjulsstria/tida.


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