Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Of shoes

This fall I went to the cobbler to get my shoes fixed, and it was such a delight to get those vintage leather boots back with brand new (and even better than the original ones!) soles. To support local business and reuse something that was already 2nd hand when it came in my possession seems very resourceful to me.

But these ones...

We have had a long relationship, and my first converse have been really faithful to me, traveling several continents and walking the streets of numerous cities. But nothing lasts forever (at least not shoes) and with holes beyond repair, I had to let them go. It was a hard decision, but it had to be done.

Lucky me, a few days after parting with my Chucks, I went to a flea market and found some great lined vintage black leather boots in my size. That sounds like something I can wear when winter comes along. New Converse will have to wait till spring.

As you might understand, I have a tendency to keep things for a little too long, so perhaps I should take these closet space tips from Katie to heart. Check them out for a tidier wardrobe, and a generally inspiring blog.

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